Skycig discount code

The skycig ecig is the most recognised and most widely used brand of e-cigarette or “look-a-like-cig” in the UK, its success stemming from its resemblance to a real cigarette giving the user the impression of actually smoking instead of going cold turkey.
This is probably why ecigs have swiftly become so common place, because they give the user to get the same pleasure that they enjoyed, plus of course the dose of nicotine, without experiencing the anxiousness, pangs of anxiety, and being lost with their hands!
These are the most common factors that cause ex-smokers to take up the habit again, and the sky cig deals with all of them.
You perhaps are imagining what vaping a Sky cig or other ecigarette is like, whether it’s similar to a real cigarette, and if you sample one you’ll definitely be bewlidered at just how similar it is.
The smoke (using an electronic cigarette is called vaping) generated is hot just like cigarette smoke, its flavoured (there are many different types of flavours that you can choose from) to taste like tobacco, blueberry, soda, and a vast selection of different tastes.
It also comes in different strengths of nicotine so that you can buy one to suit you whether you were a light or heavier smoker.
What you’ll also find when smoking a Skycig is that you don’t actually use it as often in that you pick it up, take a few inhalations from it, and then put it down again, whereas with a tobacco cigarette you’d smoke it to the end even if you’d got the nicotine fix.
When you combine this with the already much lower cost of a Sky Cig compared with normal cigarettes, you can immediately see that there are enormous savings to be made.
If you use this Skycig Voucher Code then you can save even more.
Its imperative to note though that an e-cigarette is not a “stop smoking” or “smoking cessation” option, it is an different choice to smoking for people who cannot or don’t want to stop.
I found myself in this situation having tried before every type of NRT available, and failed until I switched to vaping with a Sky Cig.
The amazing thing after so many failures was that I swapped from tobacco to the Sky Cig immediately and didn’t feel as though I was quitting.
As explained right at the beginning you’re not only occupying your fingers by going through the same motions as when you were smoking, but also you get the satisfaction from the smoke and the nicotine and so it is almost like nothing has changed.
The difference to your health become noticeable rapidly as well. My dreadful cough, wheezing, and becoming short of breath quickly abated as my breathing recovered, and I felt that I enjoyed a deeper sleep as a result of this.
In summary then I would definitely recommend buying a Sky Cig if you need to stop smoking tobacco, you can get the “starter kit” which comes with the equivalent of 150 normal cigarettes for less than £49 when you type in the discount code, and with this you get the charger unit and 2 rechargeable Skycigs that should last you for months.
The cartridges can cost as low as £9 for a box of 5, which can be up to 75% cheaper than normal cigarettes (Sky Cig claim each cartridge is the equivalent of 30 normal cigarettes, so each pack is the equivalent of 150 tobacco cigarettes at a cost as low as £9, compared to 150 cigarettes which would be around £60 – saving you over £50!)
As you can see your Sky Cig ecig has a lot to offer, including saving money, and might help your health as well.